Pies are the New Cupcakes

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It started with cupcakes, and then went to doughnuts. Then it moved from doughnuts back to cupcakes. From there it was French macarons. Then cupcakes again. And now, friends, the newest dessert trend is pies.

What's with the change? According to the New York Times, the macaron trend is waning and cupcakes have just plain gotten out of control (a turkey dinner cupcake--complete with gravy? No thanks.) But after waiting in the wings, the pie revolution is starting to catch on and we would all do well to observe it. (And eat it.)

In addition to the traditional banana creme and apple pie fillings, the culinary industry is updating the sweet treat with new flavors: from rosewater and Salmon mousse to spicy Mexican chocolate.

If cutting individual triangle slices to serve guests sounds tedious (and messy), there are also new ways to distribute it. Pie lollipops are an option, along with pies baked in canning jars and, another Times example, the pie milkshake.

Need more proof pies are on the up-and-up? Word from the bridal world indicates more couples are substituting tiered fondant (historically a wedding stalwart) and ditching cupcakes for their favorite flavor of pie.

So, planners, I would love to hear your take on this new trend--have you had clients ask for pies? Have you noticed a difference in dessert requests? What's the strangest pie flavor you've encountered?

For now I think I'm sticking to an oldy-but-goody.

Kate Smith
Web Editor
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Photo by: Chad Miller, Flickr

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