The Amuse Bouche Bird's Nest Dilemma

This little bamboo flower basket showed up in my Inbox this morning—and I can't for the life of me decide whether I would be excited to extricate my amuse bouche from this little contraption or be somewhat annoyed that my appetizer was tangled in what appears to be more of a bird's nest.

As a lover of food—and an editor here at Meetings + Events—I'm always excited to preview new ways of presenting delicacies or serving meals, but this seems like a little bit too much for me.

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A Different Kind of Room Service

With just a phone call, hotel guests can order anything from breakfast to an extra pillow. If a proposed bill in Nevada passes, guests may also be able to use their phone to bring gambling to their room.

According to this article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, “Assembly Bill 294 would allow Nevada resorts to expand the reach of mobile gambling devices to go beyond public areas in casinos and into hotel rooms on the premises.” >>

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Condé Nast's 2011 Hot List (For Event Professionals)

This week Condé Nast Traveler released its 2011 Hot List and—no big surprise—the majority of glamorous hotels and must-see new restaurants are coming out of a few of our favorite North American meetings and events destinations. >>

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Taking a Reboot Break + Book Giveaway

Of course you love your job--but maybe you've been feeling more sluggish lately. Perhaps you've been waiting to get your CMP until "the time is right" or maybe you're just feeling a little burned out.

The Sabbatical Sisters, Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley and Jaye Smith, would suggest you give yourself a break. >>

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Getting a Handle on Social Media

Unless you've been in outer space or living under the proverbial rock for the past few years, you have probably heard all about social media. Although, I'm pretty sure that if there was a SpaceBook, Mars and Jupiter would have their own profiles and even underground dwellers have their own version of Twitter.

As for me, I’m all about Facebook. It’s been a fun way to get connected with old friends, stay connected with current ones and even do a little business-related work while I’m at it. >>

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Discerning Digital

Hopefully by now you’ve seen—and more importantly, read—the premiere issue of Nevada Meetings + Events magazine. It brings the number of meeting and event titles published by Tiger Oak to 10. For every title our number one goal is to be a go-to resource for you, from vendors to valuable advice, venues to victuals (how’s that for alliteration?) and more. >>

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Cowabunga! It's Ice Cream Season

Isn't it funny how fast things can change? The most recent example: last week we were weathering a blizzard and now we're dusting off our flip-flops. All I can say is--I'm glad we're closer to summer than farther away, not the least of which because I've recently fallen in love with Cowabunga Ice Cream. >>

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A Dish Best Served (When It's) Cold

From Northern Michigan to Northern California, it's snowing like crazy. Events are being canceled and offices are cautioning their employees not to drive in to work unless it's absolutely necessary. Outside it's chilly and people are grumpy.

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