The Arizona Grand from An Editor's Perspective

Before I became editor of Meetings Arizona magazine, a stay at a hotel was just that—a place to hang my hat and sleep at night—and a meal out at a restaurant was just a nice excuse not to cook or clean up dishes. Arizona Grand Resort >>

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Reno Bets on Smaller Conventions

If you’re planning a convention, especially a modestly-sized one, 2012 could be a good year to look at Reno. >>

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Now Trending: Furniture for Your Food

A new catering trend I found recently does away with serving platters and chafing dishes—these days it's all about "food furniture." Capitalizing on food presentation with a little bit of surprise and a lot of whimsy, Pinch Food Design, based in New York, is spearheading the movement.

Pinch describes its business (and the resulting trend) as "a bold new brand of catering powered by a state-of-the-art kitchen and design workshop devoted solely to the creation of one-of-a-kind food furniture." >>

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Beating the Heat in Phoenix

I was just reading the weather forecast for the Phoenix area and it said that we can expect temperatures to be 100 or more for the next few days in a row.

After what I think was a pretty nice and long winter season with some genuinely cold days—if you don’t believe me that it can get truly chilly in the Valley of the Sun come on by and check out all of the brown bougainvillea plants in the neighborhood that couldn’t survive the frosty temperatures—it seems that our traditional super hot Phoenix weather is once again upon us. >>

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The Ins and Outs of Vegas

As if there aren’t enough options for meetings and events in Vegas, I’ve received some announcements in my inbox recently about new venues and activities great for groups. There have been a couple of closings, too. So here’s what’s in and out in Vegas: >>

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#EventProfs Chats are Back, Jack

In case you hadn't heard, the #eventprofs chats are making a big comeback starting May 3, 2011 with twice-weekly, one hour Twitter chats about, well, anything you want.  >>

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Reflections on the 8th Annual BUY MPI Trade Show

On Wednesday, April 6, I had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual BUY MPI trade show at the Mesa Convention Center. About 250 people had RSVP'd to attend the event, which featured several dozen vendors all in the meeting and events planning industry. MPI Arizona >>

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The Amuse Bouche Bird's Nest Dilemma

This little bamboo flower basket showed up in my Inbox this morning—and I can't for the life of me decide whether I would be excited to extricate my amuse bouche from this little contraption or be somewhat annoyed that my appetizer was tangled in what appears to be more of a bird's nest.

As a lover of food—and an editor here at Meetings + Events—I'm always excited to preview new ways of presenting delicacies or serving meals, but this seems like a little bit too much for me.

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