• 5 Tips on Choosing the Right Promotional Products for Your Next Event

    POSTED August 1, 2019

When holding events like trade shows, community festivals, etc., putting some serious thought into the type of swag you want to give away is very important. It's likely to be the first time these potential clients are exposed to your business, so you always want to leave a lasting impression. Here are five tips to guide you to the best promotional products you can give away at your next event.

1. Set Goals and Create a Budget

What goals do you want to achieve with your event, and, more specifically, the products you offer attendees? For example, if you're looking to generate an extra $10,000 in revenues, don't go shelling out $5,000 for your swag. Monetize your event's goals and come up with an appropriate budget for your promotional products. That way, you ensure a solid ROI.

2. Consider the Audience

If you expect your audience to be on the older side, you might want to stay away from protective iPhone covers. On the other hand, if you're attracting teenagers, giving away beer coozies would probably be a bad idea. Consider your audience and make your products useful and relevant to them.

3. Evergreen Products

If you're handing out sun visors at a trade show in an area without a lot of sunny weather, you're not going to get great exposure. You want your products to be as evergreen as possible, meaning stuff that can be used year-round. Tote bags, for example, always come in handy, and can also serve your attendees well at events where a ton of swag is being distributed.

4. Invest in Moderate Quality

Dispensing iPods with your logo emblazoned on them may sound like a great idea, but it's also prohibitively expensive. Conversely, avoid cheap pens, calendar books, and other low-quality and low-value items. Even if you save a buck or two, this can cheapen your brand. Instead, strike a line somewhere in the middle - give out products that don't break the bank, but that also won't break down after a few uses.

5. Match Products With Your Venture

If you're running a fitness center, water bottles can make for an awesome and relevant promotional giveaway. If you're a real estate agent, you might think about putting together a home repair guide with your company name on the cover. Choose products that match up well with your business and the results are sure to be more effective.

You can also glean some solid ideas by scouting industry events to see what types of promotional products your competitors or other participants are offering. You just might discover something that can really put a smile on each customer's face. Choose the best promotional products for your upcoming events, but always keep your eyes peeled for new ideas going forward.

What type of promotional products have you had the most success with?


Rob Martin is a self-employed business owner who writes about marketing strategies, branding, and ways to garner more attention.

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