• 5 Tips for Creating a Productive Work Space

    POSTED October 3, 2014

With most people averaging 40-plus hour work weeks, it is important to maintain a healthy, organized workspace. Whether it’s a cubicle, corner office, or even an in-house work space, feng shui is a great tool that can be used to create a healthy, harmonized work space. As one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, feng shui is a way in which one harmonizes themselves with their surrounding environment.

Here are 5 easy tips for creating a productive, balanced work space:

1. Place the desk into a command position. Make sure the desk is facing, but not blocking the door, with a wall on behind the seating side.

2. Fill the corner behind the desk with a big plant to create supportive energy. Plants with wide stable bases, like the Golden Pothos or Areca Palm, work to absorb distractive energy. 

3. Having a focal point plays a key role when it comes to focusing energy in a supportive way. A feng shui focal point can be anything from a wall hanging, or sculpture, to a vibrant set of fine fabric curtains.

4. An organized work space is necessary for not only feng shui, but stress levels in general. Clutter blocks the flow of positive energy. Clear the desk space. Make sure all sharp objects are in drawers and throw away any unneeded paperwork.

5. Add a personal item. Whether it is a framed motivational quote, a picture of loved ones, or another item of meaning. Personal items promote positive feelings, which turns into positive energy

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