To say technology is a driving force behind events is an understatement. In the current, Silicon Valley-driven environment, the top minds in the world are constantly producing apps and software that not only help with everyday work flow, but also assist at actual events, thereby allowing you to keep up with the wow!

Trello: This is an awesome project management tool, which allows the planner to sync data with clients so that everyone is on the same page. From adding checklists, to assigning tasks, to uploading files, this free app (of course with optional upgrades) is the perfect addition to any office environment. 

Super Event Planner: This very functional app provides a number of tools that make planning your event much easier, including a venue capacity calculator, price converters (helping make sure tax and gratuity are correctly factored in) and a tool to help figure out how many glasses of wine are needed based on the number of people attending. The app is $9.99 through Apple or Android stores.

Virtual Reality: Transporting guests to alternative realities is an exciting application to enhance events. The wave of the future will be the ability to market events, venues and locations via virtual reality, without ever having to leave the office. 

Primera Trio: For the ease of having a somewhat mobile office, this extremely lightweight printer/scanner/copier is an absolute must. It weighs 2.6 pounds and has all the functionality you would expect from a full-size printer. Imagine no longer needing to spend wasted dollars at a business center.

Texture: If you’re a voracious magazine reader, then this is a perfect app. It is one of my absolute favorites because it puts hundreds of magazines at your fingertips. In addition to popular titles like People and Time, there are design and craft magazines that can help render great ideas for event planning.

3-D Printed Food: The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) boasted a number of new products in the realm of 3-D printing, none more exciting to event professionals than the ability to print food. Imagine wowing your guests with the production of a sugar cube or other desserts right before their eyes. 

Drone Photography: Much to the chagrin of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), drones are here to stay—and I, for one, am excited about this new trend. For outdoor events, drones are a perfect way to capture all aspects. If used correctly and within safety guidelines, drones can even transport items.

Liquid Nitrogen: This chemical is making a huge comeback and the reaction (if you pardon the pun) is spectacular. This product must be handled with great care by a professional, but its ability to take drinks from boring to extraordinary is always a crowd-pleaser.

The key to maximizing success (and limiting risk) is for marketers to better understand how their audiovisual team works. 

It is almost event day. You are excited, but you are also stressed.

You have spent the last few months preparing for your live stream: that big product launch, quarterly Town Hall, or video conference that your boss needs to go well. Your marketing and communications teams have been working hard, and everything appears ready.


Located smack dab in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, less than a three-hour flight from either the West or East Coasts, is the city of Irving.


In 1927, Hilton Hotels’ founder Conrad Hilton said, "Abilene, Texas, will be well prepared to handle large conventions and please the most fastidious visitor." Nearly 95 years later, Abilene has fulfilled this vision and is excited to welcome back the Hilton family of hotels in the heart of downtown Abilene with a recently announced DoubleTree by Hilton.