• Design Events With Success

    FROM THE Summer 2014 ISSUE

    No matter the budget, it's all in the details. 

WHEN DESIGNING AND PLANNING AN EVENT, regardless of the budget, it’s always possible to wow your guests simply by paying attention to the details. Below, you’ll find tips for creating an event that is accessible and luxurious.

The team at Amy Zaroff Events + Design is in the business of creating life’s most memorable experiences through a distinct process that captures your vision and brings your dreams to reality. Every event detail is handled with care and nothing is overlooked, from party etiquette to thank-you notes, and everything in between. Learn more at amyzaroff.com

The key to maximizing success (and limiting risk) is for marketers to better understand how their audiovisual team works. 

It is almost event day. You are excited, but you are also stressed.

You have spent the last few months preparing for your live stream: that big product launch, quarterly Town Hall, or video conference that your boss needs to go well. Your marketing and communications teams have been working hard, and everything appears ready.


As more women than ever hold positions of leadership in the workplace, especially in the meetings and events industry, Dr. Sherry Hartnett explains why “leaning back” to mentor younger women might be the best way to help them “lean in” and rise to the top.


The perfect holiday gift is beautiful, unique and filled with wonder. Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide is all of these things and more: a travel-lover’s delight with enough offbeat facts about food to spark countless conversations at the next cocktail party or event.