Hot off a recent opening, Buddha Kitchen and Lounge serves this refreshing cocktail in their Eat Street location. The restaurant, which has room for 144 diners, features Asian fusion cuisine and live house music performances. With its use of fresh fruits and vegetables and crisp taste, the Sweet Pea is the perfect spring drink for you to sip while sitting on Buddha’s patio and forgetting the bitter cold of winter.


-2 oz. cucumber-infused vodka
-1 oz. sweet pea and edamame puree*
-melon matchsticks


1. In a mixing glass with ice, combine the cucumber vodka, sweet pea puree and lemonade.
2. Shake vigorously to mix ingredients.
3. Double strain into a chimney/ Collins glass.
4. Garnish with watermelon and cantaloupe matchsticks. 





Sweet Pea and Edamame Puree


-2 cups shelled peas
-1 cup shelled edamame
-1.5 cups of water

-2 cups shelled peas
-1 cup shelled edamame
-1.5 cups of water


1. In a medium saucepan, boil the peas and edamame until tender.
2. Strain into a blender, reserving the water.
3. On the lowest setting, add just enough water for the blender to puree the vegetables.
4. Gradually increase the blender speed to the highest setting for approximately 1-2 minutes, add more water if needed. When finished, purees should be smooth and free of skins. 

When executed safely, in-person meetings and events are possible. But it’s been tough for meeting planners across the nation, due to differing state-by-state and even county-by-county guidelines. In some areas, meetings and events returned a while ago, but for others, it’s hard to imagine what planning a meeting would be like. In an effort to show the latter how to hold safe business gatherings when restrictions loosen, the Meetings Mean Business Coalition (MMBC) launched their Meet Safe platform as a resource for other planners to reference when planning future in-person meetings.


The Kimpton Pittman Hotel has opened in Dallas’ storied Deep Ellum neighborhood, serving as the first hotel in the neighborhood and providing doorstep access to some of the city’s most popular shops, breweries, dining and live music venues.


The fare and flare of Spain has arrived in downtown Grand Rapids with the opening of the new MDRD, pronounced Madrid, on the 27th floor of the tower at Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (previously Cygnus27 restaurant). While the feel and flavors have changed, the unparalleled views of downtown and the Grand River means that this space still provides the best skyline dining in the city. Here, every seat is the “best seat in the house.”