• Up, Up & Away with a Vintage Tablescape

    A vintage travel theme helps launch Colorado chapter of WIPA.

    POSTED April 17, 2019
  • Up, Up & Away with a Vintage Tablescape

    A vintage travel theme helps launch Colorado chapter of WIPA.

    POSTED April 17, 2019
  • Up, Up & Away with a Vintage Tablescape

    A vintage travel theme helps launch Colorado chapter of WIPA.

    POSTED April 17, 2019

By Design Collective staff found themselves in the enviable position of having free range to decorate an event to their own tastes. Brittany Dosdall, now an associate director of sales, helped establish the Colorado Chapter of the Wedding International Professionals Association (WIPA) a few years ago as a founding board member. The result was so charming that Colorado Meetings + Events is doing a flashback of sorts.

“Knowing we had to wow all the top professionals, we wanted to kick it off right and make sure people were inspired,” says Dosdall. “That was when we got Ashley on board.”

Ashley Haas Youngswick, senior creative director at Décor By Design, says she got her idea for the vintage travel theme from the linens provided by Creative Coverings. “The blue napkins and table runners reminded me of National Geographic and old maps,” she says. From that point of inspiration, she went on to shop for used and vintage accessories that added to the theme. “We had details like vintage little globes, airplanes and suitcases, which I love,” she says.

A hedge wall provided a place for photo ops and contributed to the lighthearted mood. Oversize photography prints, taken by Cade Nagy, chef/owner of By Design Collective, also helped set the scene.

The theme of the four-course seated luncheon extended to the menu, which was displayed on a little itinerary card. Other details included luggage tags hanging from a mini saucepot, a boarding pass liner, and vintage luggage stickers on bowls. With each course, guests were transported to the old days of postcards and leather suitcases.

Held at blanc in Denver, the room was filled with bright colors and touching details, helping to impress the active and potential WIPA Colorado members in the room. “We are actually the fastest-growing chapter in the U.S.,” says Dosdall of the Colorado Chapter. “We decided to do a statewide chapter because we have such an amazing group of professionals not just in Denver but in the mountains and all over the state.”

However, the event was not without challenges. “We were hoping to do a big reveal of the tablescape, but that was botched because of the weather,” recalls Haas Youngswick. “It was a little cramped, and people definitely saw the tables before we had planned, but it turned out great.”

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