• Badge of Honor

    POSTED July 7, 2022
    Photo credit: Courtesy of MPI

Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Academy has introduced a digital badging and credentialing platform, powered by Badgr. Using Badgr, MPI Academy course attendees will be able to add badges to an online portfolio or resume, display them on LinkedIn, or share them on social media to convey their skills and certifications. In essence, individuals can build a living transcript of their MPI professional development education.

Nancy Snowden, lead manager of educational experiences says, “Digital badging is a way for us to communicate value to course attendees by providing visual recognition and verification of the skills and tools they have acquired by taking one of our courses and allows them to better articulate the value proposition of these educational opportunities to critical stakeholders and peers. We are so excited to be able to provide this service for attendees who purchase a course starting in June 2022.”

For individuals who purchased a course prior to June 2022, the MPI Academy is working on an outreach program to offer special pricing so that participants can ensure their MPI Academy verified courses offer a digital badge they can display. To view available badges, visit the digital credential store here.