• Boise Centre is Growing

    FROM THE Winter 2016 ISSUE

    Expansion is scheduled for completion September 2016.

A significant expansion is underway at Boise Centre, Idaho’s largest convention and meeting venue. The convention center is adding 38,250 square feet of space. Design plans for the project, led by the interior design team at Babcock Design of Salt Lake City, will include:

» A 14,000-square-foot dividable ballroom » 13,000 square feet of dividable meeting space on the fourth level

» 3,200 square feet of prefunction and lobby space on the fourth level

» 2,800 square feet of multipurpose and lobby space on the second level

» 4,500 square feet of lobby space on the first level

» Multipurpose and networking spaces ideal for registration, receptions and displays

With an estimated completion date of Sept. 1, 2016, the expansion will equip the Boise Centre with nearly 90,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit space. Phase two of the project, which began in late 2015, will include a concourse connecting the existing Boise Centre with the completed expansion, providing guests with effortless accessibility to the entire facility.

Recent economic growth has enticed hotel developers to add an estimated 954 hotel rooms in the downtown area within the next two years, many of which are just a short walk from the Boise Centre.

In addition, air access to Boise has seen a boost in 2014 and 2015 as airlines have introduced several nonstop connections, including four additional daily flights from Seattle by Delta Air Lines.

Studies project that the economic impact of the influx of new visitors will more than double, as the expansion allows Boise Centre to attract larger conventions and events.

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