• Café and Bar Lurcat Introduces New Menu Items

    POSTED May 28, 2019

Café and Bar Lurcat is introducing new fare to its already bountiful menu. The D'Amico & Partners restaurant is welcoming new flavors from octopus and tuna to steak and farrotto that offer something for everyone's taste buds. Here's a look at their new (and some old) menu items.

Foie gras panna cotta, crab cakes, seafood tower crudité and caviar

These appetizers are great for a social hour or corporate meeting. The foie gras panna cotta is flavored with strawberry, pine nut granola and saba, offering a fruity addition to the savory seafood display.

Octopus tonnato and scallops bourguignonne

Paired with Chablis Premier Cru, these dishes offer lighter fare for those who aren't very hungry (or are saving room for dessert). The octopus tonnato is served with crispy potatoes and arugula, and the scallops bourguignonne are topped with seasoned bread crumbs and parsley butter.

Seared ahi tuna and vegetarian farrotto

Whether you're a vegetarian, a pescetarian or a full-blown carnivore, the seared ahi tuna and vegetarian farrotto will have your mouth watering. Served with Nuits-Saint-Georges wine, the seared ahi tuna is a preserved tuna with olive and tomato. The farratto is a mix of seasonal vegetables.

Filet mignon and Snake River Farms Gold Bottom Sirloin

Paired with cabernet sauvignon, the filet mignon and Snake River Farms Gold Bottom Sirloin offer a hearty and delicious meal. The filet mignon is served with potato pavé and red wine syrup, and the Snake River Farms Gold Bottom Sirloin is smothered in a porcini rub and served with bone marrow and mushroom reduction.

Cinnamon sugar doughnuts and labneh custard cream

For an American classic, dig into a pile of Lurcat's signature cinnamon sugar mini donuts. Looking for a more adventurous end to your meal? Try the labneh custard cream served with pistachio fairy floss, sumac and kataifi.

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