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An Equine Experience

By Shelley Levitt

All Seated in a Barn founder and director, Tahlia Fischer, launched in 2018
Tahlia Fischer of All Seated in a Barn

All Seated in a Barn

Launched in 2018, the Bakersfield-based All Seated in a Barn is an equine rescue with the mission of saving horses and donkeys that are about to be shipped across the border to slaughterhouses. One of the ways the nonprofit supports this mission is by renting out its barn as a venue for social and corporate events. Proceeds go directly back into the nonprofit to cover overhead costs and the expenses of veterinary and rehabilitation care. With a capacity of 500, the barn has hosted a wide range of events, from weddings and live music nights to cornhole tournaments and farm bureau award winners. 

“When a group books with us,” says Tahlia Fischer, the organization’s founder and director, “[they’re] not just helping the cause—it’s a chance to become more educated about the horse industry and to experience camaraderie with your group in a unique environment.” Fischer is open to arranging team-building activities that might include feeding or hand-walking the horses, cleaning out stalls, or pitching in on landscaping work. “We’ve never done anything like that,” Fischer admits. “But with some thought and planning, we could definitely make it happen.”