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Cooling With a Cause

By Madeline Fuerstenberg

WaldorfAstoria CREDIT 4kclips-Adobe
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills || Photo by 4kclips, courtesy of Adobe

BeverlyHilton CREDIT 4kclips-Adobe
The Beverly Hilton || Photo by 4kclips, courtesy of Adobe

In an effort to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, the iconic Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and The Beverly Hilton have partnered with Nostromo Energy in launching the company’s sustainable energy storage system at the adjacent hotels. The system is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable the hotels to reach sustainability goals while saving on energy costs.

Air conditioning in commercial and industrial buildings accounts for about half of California’s energy demands during peak hours, according to Nostromo. Now, these two hotels have the potential to reduce demand from the electric grid during those peak times. “We are proud to partner with Nostromo to bring cutting-edge green technology to The Beverly Hilton,” says David Ecija, general manager of the hotel, in a prepared statement. “This partnership is an extension of our history as [a] forward-thinking property, focused on the future and what is good for our community.”