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A Marquis Cocktail Collaboration at Andaz West Hollywood

By M+E Staff

The rooftop pool bar at West Hollywood’s Andaz Hotel is the highest in Los Angeles, and now the venue has another singular destination. It’s partnered with Marquis, the LA-based beverage brand, on Norma Jean, a limited-edition cocktail.  

This balanced tequila cocktail offers hints of lemon and orange citrus complemented by Marquis Lychee Peachfruit-forward tang and monk fruit signature. And, the beverage provides an answer to the sometimes perplexing question meeting attendees face—”should I have coffee or a cocktail?”—by offering both in a single drink. With the mission of “starting a clean caffeine revolution,” every can of Marquis is packed with a daily dose of B and C vitamins, four different antioxidants, and a signature blend of plant-caffeine from yerba mate, green coffee, and green tea. Andaz adds the booze. The Norma Jean was created by Emilio Lourdes, Andaz’s assistant director of operations and Marquis’ founders Danny Huang and Christopher Lai.

Andaz West Hollywood, which has 13,000 square feet of event space, has a storied history. The first hotel on the Sunset Strip, it has gone through various owners and names. In the 1970s it was called the Hyatt House but known locally as the Riot House because of the misbehaving rock bands that often stayed there, including the Doors, the Who and the Rolling Stones. The Andaz’s Riot House Bar is a nod to this history. If you stop by, ask if they can make the Mr. Plant cocktail. It’s named for Robert Plant, legendary vocalist and lyricist of Led Zeppelin, who, reportedly, shouted “I am a golden god!” from a hotel balcony overlooking the Sunset Strip, inspiring the well-known scene from the movie “Almost Famous.” Long featured on the bar menu, Mr. Plant is a gin-based cocktail mixed with tangerine juice and club soda and garnished with cucumber slices.

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