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Chapulines and Other Offbeat Bites in Carmel

By M+E Staff

Lots of folks claim to be adventurous eaters, but are the epicureans in your group ready for … toasted grasshoppers? If they are, send them to Cultura Comidas y Bebida, a year-old Carmel restaurant specializing in light, inventive and almost-too-pretty-to-eat traditional Mexican dishes tweaked to appeal to a California palate. Chapulines, a common bar snack in Mexico City and the southern state of Oaxaca, from where they’re imported, are salty/spicy/crunchy and taste a lot better than they sound. They can be ordered separately or on a “beauty board” appetizer platter that also includes scrumptious guacamole and other treats. Best with a cold beer or margarita on the side.