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Mendocino Grove Provides Plush Camping

By Ava Diaz

Mendocino Grove, a luxury camping experience in Northern California, lets visitors who still prefer the comfort of a cozy bed connect with the great outdoors. “We try to walk the line from an outdoor hospitality perspective where it feels like a resort with some of the amenities, but it still allows for that outdoor camping experience,” says Jake Halverson, general manager for Mendocino Grove. “We have a lot of built-in historical knowledge of what it takes for guests to really enjoy their experiences, whether it is for seven days or two days.” 

Cozy camping options at Mendocino Grove. May 24, 2023
Cozy camping options at Mendocino Grove CREDIT Mendocino Grove

Each tent varies on its configurations, although they all are equipped with heated mattress pads; high-quality linens, duvets, and comforters; as well as outdoor camp chairs, a fire pit, and a picnic table. If each visitor wants their own on-site tent, there is enough space for 75 guests, or up to 135 can stay if there is flexibility to share tents. 

“[The camping spots have] all the standard campground accessories with a sprinkle of luxury,” Halverson describes. The luxurious camp amenities include two bath houses,
a dry sauna, massages, a commercial kitchen for pop-up dinner events, an indoor conference space with capacity for 40, an indoor two-bedroom apartment suite, and a complimentary breakfast for all campers. 

Group dinner at Mendocino Grove. May 24, 2023
Group dinner with wine at Mendocino Grove CREDIT Mendocino Grove

Within a 25-mile radius from eight California state parks, Mendocino Grove has a location that is part of the fun, says Marne Moran, event coordinator at the campground. “We are in really close proximity to the historic town [of Mendocino], which is one of the greatest assets because you can be tucked into the redwood forests, and half a mile down the road you can go out for a fabulous gourmet dinner, go shopping in really cute boutiques, or go on [a] guided tour of the town,” she says. Other popular activities—which Mendocino Grove will work to arrange for groups—include horseback riding, charter boat fishing, sea cave kayak tours, canoeing on Big River, and scenic rides on the Skunk Train.