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New Italian Tear-and-Pour Premium Cocktails

By Shelley Levitt

Italian Beverage Brand NIO, tear and pour cocktails
NIO’s tear-and-pour Espresso Martini.

NIO Cocktails

NIO Cocktails—or “needs ice only” cocktails—is an Italian beverage brand hoping to reinvent the way we consume ready-to-drink premium cocktails at events. Making its debut in Milan and now available exclusively in California, NIO offers more than a dozen classic and modern cocktails in single-serve packets, featuring recipes developed by an award-winning Italian master bartender.

“NIO is the perfect solution for catered events, espe- cially in remote or unusual locations or in spaces where setting up a traditional bar isn’t all that easy,” says Jeffrey Raven, CEO of NIO. “Caterers love the fact that they can serve high-end cocktails that taste delicious without having to drag around numerous bottles, mixers, or fuss with hiring specialty bartenders.”