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Signature Drink – Chambers Spa Collins

By M+E Staff

THIS REFRESHING COCKTAIL started life as a nonalcoholic beverage for brunch at Chambers Eat + Drink, the hip and gorgeous restaurant-lounge in San Francisco’s rocker Phoenix Hotel. “There are other versions of this drink,” says Chambers’ bartender Richard Woodru . “I just did ours with all the freshness available at the bar. Throw a little gin or vodka in there and top it with ginger beer or syrup, and it became the Chambers Spa Collins.” Made with muddled mint, basil, cucumber and a squeeze of lemon, lime and orange, the drink has a straight-from-the-garden sprightliness that makes it a popular choice for daytime group events, of which there are many at the Chambers and Phoenix. The restaurant, lounge, patio and courtyard can accommodate groups from 15 to 500.


-1½ oz. of your favorite gin or vodka
-½ lime, squeezed
-½ lemon, squeezed
-1 round slice of cucumber,about half-inch thick
-½ oz. fresh orange juice
-3 mint leaves
-1-2 basil leaves
-Ginger beer

1. In a mixing glass, muddle the mint, basil and cucumber together; adding a single piece of ice greatly aids in the muddling and breakdown of ingredients.
2. Squeeze in the lemon and lime, and add the orange juice.
3. Shake well and double strain onto fresh ice.
4. Top off with 2 to 3 ounces of ginger beer and garnish with a mint or basil sprig.

Recipe courtesy of CHAMBERS EAT + DRINK, San Francisco