Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Queen of Details

Christine Forster celebrates creating events from scratch and getting out there with people

By Beth Buehler

Christine Forster. || Photo by Wildbliss Photography

At a very young age, Christine Forster discovered her passion for planning events and bringing joy to others. After she received constant requests from businesses to help with their marketing and from friends to assist with planning life events, Forster launched Loveland-based My Big Day in 2006. 

She changed the name to Big Deal Co. this April to more accurately represent her philosophy. “Every client is a big deal,” says Forster, who employs a team of 14 that works with clients throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. “We pride ourselves on providing creative experiences that connect and deliver outstanding results.”

When reflecting on how her business has changed over the past 17 years, Forster says, “We have grown in the number of team members and clients, but more importantly, we have grown in skill set.” She adds, “Our team is constantly learning, attending courses, receiving certifications, and engaging in every opportunity that allows us to be experts in our industry and support clients in all areas of business.”

Some of her favorite experiences over the years include marketing campaigns and events that were created from scratch so clients could ditch old strategies and embark on new paths. Forster also is proud of what her company achieved during the height of the pandemic.

“We created countless unique ways for clients to connect with clients, supporters, and donors. Having a highly creative team, we plugged into the community with established connections that can move mountains, which is how we were so successful,” says Forster.

Forster’s prior work helped mold her knowledge base and business approach. “I am fortunate to have started my career in media—radio, TV, cable, and digital—which allowed me to flex my creativity, make strong community connections, and learn about all industries,she says.

Giving back is a priority both personally and professionally. Among Forster’s many volunteer roles, she serves as chair of the City of Loveland’s Community Marketing Commission, chair of The Family Center/La Familia’s Marketing and Development Committee, and event committee chair for her neighborhood.

She confirms, “I’m not one to stay home and read a book. I like to be out there with people.”