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Sky Bar Salutes Golden Age Of Travel

By Beth Buehler

Sky Bar is a cocktail lounge and event space that pays tribute to Stanley Aviation, which occupied the Stanley Marketplace building in Aurora until 2007 and designed, tested, and manufactured ejection seats for the military and later high-tech aerospace parts.

Harkening back to a 1960s aviation experience, the venue boasts quality drinks with ample space for comfort “above the clouds.”

Upon checking in with the hostess on the main floor (located at the west entrance of Stanley Marketplace), guests are presented with a boarding pass, a boarding time, and the chance to opt in for preflight cocktails. At boarding time, guests take the elevator to the Sky Bar for a true blast from the past with bar carts and servers in retro stewardess attire. From the drink menu, choose from unique takes on classic cocktails with inspirations from around the world, as well as a curated selection of wine and beers.

The Sky Bar also offers event space for up to 24 guests to sit back and relax. Food service is available as well.