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Host the Ultimate Summer Bash: Infinity Park Event Center’s Festival Plaza Special Offer!

By Jordan Coleman, Infinity Park Event Center

Who doesn’t want to ride the bull, get the CEO into the dunk tank, or volleyball spike on their coworker? Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale, Colorado, can accommodate all of that and more. The venue offers 37,000 square feet of private grass space that can be rented for all your picnic activities to express employee appreciation.

Infinity Park Event Center is offering a summer promotion for June, July, and August to host your company picnic, birthday party, obstacle course relay, or anything you can think of, at a special price! For $4,800, you can rent the Festival Plaza event space for 12 hours and give your guests time to relax and enjoy the sunshine. There’s access to electrical outlets for bounce houses, DJs, food trucks, and more—along with water access for those dunk tanks. You can partner with any rental company and licensed caterer of your choice to provide you with unlimited options and room for creativity.

The Festival Plaza at Infinity Park Event Center is unique in its connection to the professional rugby stadium, as well as the Glendale public park. Your guests have the option to imagine playing for a professional sports team  or roam into the park and regroup with the team at any point throughout the day. Although, not just anyone can enter the Festival Plaza and eat all the snacks! The space is monitored by staff and surrounded by a 6-foot fence to ensure that the event stays private and guests remain happy.

It’s understandable that you can choose to conveniently host a small get-together on-site in a conference room or cafeteria. But consider changing it up to give top employees something different and exciting. Infinity Park Event Center wants to partner with you to get everyone outside and involved with your organization’s activities.

Planners have many choices when choosing a venue, and considering Infinity Park Event Center is appreciated.

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