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Infinity Park Event Center Wins 2023 Best High-Tech Venue Award

By Jordan Coleman

Infinity Park Event Center is fortunate to be partnered with Unique Venues, an inclusive and intentional group of experts that assists in connecting unique spaces and nontraditional venues with potential clients, vendors, and other industry members.

Each year, Unique Venues honors 16 venues with awards for their uniqueness in categories that include weddings, performances, outdoor spaces, tradeshows, capacity, and many more. Thousands of planners throughout the U.S. and Canada vote to decide which venues fit the specific categories to claim the best in uniqueness.

After being part of the Unique Venues inner circle for several years, Infinity Park Event Center has been nominated twice for different awards among its unique venue peers. In 2021, it was awarded Best Venue Evolution for its technological capabilities and production enhancements. Just last year, Infinity Park Event Center was presented with the 2023 Best High-Tech Venue award. Continuing seamlessly from 2021, this new title reinforces Infinity Park’s desire for consistent improvement within the tech market to provide opportunities for its clients.

This award recognizes the venue’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of event technology, ensuring an unparalleled guest experience. Unique Venues expressed, “You have established an outstanding venue within the hospitality industry and continue to shine a unique light for planners and industry peers.” Spanning 8,600 square feet, the International Ballroom is a high-tech marvel featuring panoramic surround screens. Encompassing 3,430 square feet, these screens boast over 20 million pixels powered by 13 projectors, redefining the standards for visual engagement. The space challenges conventional limits, providing event planners with an extraordinary canvas.

Specifically, planners can leverage the screen space to project countless sponsor logos, highlight reels, slideshows, and more. The need for extensive pipe and drape and physical décor is minimized with the projection capabilities serving as a customizable digital design. In addition to the technological opportunities the venue offers, it also comes complete with an in-house production team of experts to assist in the creation, function, and execution of client events from start to finish. For graphic design needs, the venue partners with multiple digital advertising companies and designers for clients to opt into handing off the heavy lifting to the professionals.

The Infinity Park Event Center sets a new benchmark, showcasing how technology can elevate event experiences. The International Ballroom, an immersive canvas where events come to life, stands as a symbol of innovation in the evolving events landscape. Ready to host your next event? Book the award-winning International Ballroom now, and experience the perfect blend of architectural elegance and cutting-edge technology. An unforgettable event awaits.