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Colorado Tourism Office Partners With Tourism Exchange USA

New initiative between the Colorado Tourism Office and Tourism Exchange USA aims to elevate tourism opportunities in the state

By Todd R. Berger

5.15.24 Colorado Tourism Office Partners With Tourism Exchange USA
The Colorado Tourism Office will partner with Tourism Exchange USA to promote regional opportunities. || Photo by Heavyt Photos, courtesy of Adobe

The Colorado Tourism Office, a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, launched an initiative with Tourism Exchange USA, in partnership with Brand USA. This platform will unlock new avenues for growth and prosperity in Colorado’s vibrant tourism industry. This partnership creates new opportunities for accommodations, tours, events, and activities to thrive in the digital marketplace, enabling them to reach a wider audience through online bookings and ultimately creating greater economic impact.

“By partnering with Tourism Exchange USA, we are equipping local and small businesses with the digital tools and resources they need to compete on a global scale and showcase the best of what Colorado has to offer,” says Timothy Wolfe, director of the Colorado Tourism Office, in a prepared statement. “We are dedicated to implementing technology to help guide these business owners onto the international platform.”

According to the American Express 2024 Global Travel Trends Report, travelers express a desire to explore lesser-known destinations, experience local authenticity, and discover hidden gems in ways that benefit locals and future visitors. 86% of Generation Z and millennial respondents, along with 83% of all surveyed respondents, express interest in shopping and supporting small businesses when they travel to a new location. However, businesses in smaller destinations often face challenges in being bookable online internationally or accessing global distribution systems.

The Tourism Exchange bridges this gap by facilitating sharing of live inventory and content with distributors worldwide, thus breaking down barriers and embracing the digital age to foster sales growth. The exchange enables travel businesses to offer bookable products through globally recognized booking sites such as Expedia, Tripadvisor, Google, and other niche international channels, with no upfront costs.

Tourism Exchange USA Senior Vice President Nate Huff adds, “We believe that every travel business adds to the unique story of a destination. Our partnership with the Colorado Tourism Office is about amplifying these stories through empowering small businesses to thrive in the digital world of travel trade product development and distribution. By providing them with a platform to reach global travel distributors, we’re helping level the playing field for smaller businesses. By collaborating with the Tourism Exchange, Colorado showcases its dedication to innovation, community empowerment, and the continued economic growth of its destination.”