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History Colorado’s Next Community Table Event Focuses on Inclusivity

State’s diverse communities share history and expertise with attendees

By Beth Buehler

History Colorado - Community Table Sharing a Meal 2023
Sharing a meal during the first Community Table gathering || Courtesy of History Colorado

The second of four Community Table events coordinated by History Colorado will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Nov. 13 in partnership with Brew-Ability. As part of the series that extends into February, the evening of “Advocacy and Good Eats” spotlights a pioneering restaurant in downtown Englewood to shed light on the rich history of disability advocacy in the Centennial State.

Founded in 2016 by Tiffany Fixter, a former special education teacher, Brew-Ability is a fully accessible and inclusive brewery and pizzeria that provides a welcoming environment for people with disabilities as both customers and employees. Along with a pizza buffet and craft beer, the evening features a discussion with disability advocates, including Peter Pike, manager at the state’s Office of Independent Living Services; Julie Reiskin, LCSW and co-executive director of Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition; and other special guests.

Upcoming Community Tables

For the next two Community Table events on Dec. 12 and Feb. 15, which are part of History Colorado’s new culinary-focused event series, the organization is partnering with CSU Spur on the National Western Center campus in Denver. Both will feature Paula Thomas, owner of the Ecological Kitchen, and Dr. Rachael Storm, History Colorado’s curator of business and industry collections.

The Dec. 12 cooking workshop will delve into the rich history of the zero-waste movement, tracing its origins to resource-scarce practices during World War II and the subsequent evolution. Attendees will gain insights into contemporary challenges and solutions shaping the future of the zero-waste movement. For example, information will be shared about adopting mindful consumption habits and eco-friendly cooking techniques and developing a deeper understanding of the relationship between food, waste, and the environment.

On Feb. 15, a cultural expert from the Latinx community (to be announced) will join Thomas and Storm to explore the cultural, culinary, and historical significance of corn and tortillas. Participants will delve into the agricultural history of corn and discover the rich flavors and heritage that have shaped the culinary landscape of Latin America.

The Background

Envisioned as a living history education, History Colorado’s new culinary-focused event series taps the expertise of Colorado’s diverse communities by inviting them to share their cultures. Groups are welcome to participate in Community Table events, but numbers are limited.

History Colorado - Community Table Event Outdoors 2023
The first Community Table event in the 2023 series focused on the history of sugar beet workers in Colorado || Courtesy of History Colorado

“Community Table events are explorations of cultures, communities, and stories that make the historical personal,” says Ani Steele, public programs and events manager for History Colorado. “For many people, history is dates and times, and that puts a step between us and the people we are learning about. By directly connecting with cultures, we can learn about the lives of a community and come to appreciate experience as a form of expertise.”