The SaaS platform,, has released a new builder for business owners, planners and venue operators to create customized seating maps. Users can also assign ticket pricing based on the location of individual seats, and any variation of seating can be mapped, including tables, rows of seats, areas with general seating (e.g., a standing-room-only area), reserved VIP sections, or a combination of options. When customers want to purchase tickets, they can see the available seating, hover over the seat to see the price, and click to select the seats they would like to purchase. 

“This release has opened the door for businesses and venues to manage ticketing of their events on their own, when they previously had to hire developers to build these complex systems. We’re proud to deliver this exciting builder to our existing users and look forward to working with new businesses and venues, and to help them grow their businesses,” said Donatas Dautartas, head of Wix Events, in a statement.

Wix Events is an event management platform for tickets and RSVPs. Business owners can host and showcase their events on their website, connect online conferencing solutions (Wix Live or Zoom), send invites, and accept secure online payments. The platform offers networking and social tools for event attendees, and businesses can utilize Wix Owner App to check-in guests, sell tickets, and manage their events on the go. In the past year, Wix Events has witnessed an influx of new users as businesses and venues return to in-person events. Wix Events' gross payments volume (GPV) increased by 88% year over year, with 75% more tickets sold online in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2022.

The Seating Map builder is available to all Wix premium users at no additional cost.

Results from the Incentive Research Foundation’s (IRF) 2022 Incentive Travel Destination Preferences & Their Impact on Motivation confirmed that interest in incentive travel as a motivating sales reward is at an all-time high. 91% of 405 survey respondents described group incentive travel as extremely or very motivating compared to 80% last year. Individual incentive travel was rated even higher as a motivational award at 96% versus 84% last year. 


Everybody loves to talk about welcoming change. Then change happens, and whew, it’s tough. After the past few years, meetings and events professionals certainly appreciate that feeling, but they’re also feeling energized by so many new ways for attendees to gather. 


The corporate world spends an estimated $242 billion on gifts for employees and customers, according to Forbes. Wouldn’t it be rewarding if the purchasing and giving of these types of gifts offered meaningful work for veterans, women, and their children?