• CWT’s New Partnership Brings Added Security to International Travel

    FROM THE Fall 2017 ISSUE
    Photo credit: Carlson Wagonlit Travel

    Safety First

When traveling is part of an event, a coordinator's first concern must always be safety. Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s (CWT) corporate meeting and events service recently partnered with International SOS, a service that offers pretravel advice, medical and security alerts and a Travel Risk Assessment tool among other things. "International SOS’s event membership and add-on services help clients prevent a variety of incidents from escalating into costly situations," says Cindy Fisher, vice president of CWT Meetings and Events.

CWT has a core offering that includes traveler tracking, alerts and reporting. With this new partnership, event coordinators will have the added security of knowing a top travel security company is looking out for their event. According to Fisher, the cost of utilizing add-on services from International SOS will depend on the size and location of the event, as well as the duration of the stay and the number of participants in the event.  

Great lighting is key. Smart décor is a must. But the mood of any gala, auction or awards ceremony lies largely on the shoulders of its master of ceremonies. Who you choose to represent your cause or organization on stage can be the difference between an event that is “ho-hum” or “electrifying.”

Texas Meetings + Events reached out to three of Texas’s favorite emcees. They shared with us how they got where they are—and what they’re doing now—along with some sage advice.


By the time the now-iconic photo of one Fyre Festivalgoer’s pitiful cheese sandwich had gone viral, social media platforms and news outlets were abuzz with shock and bewilderment—questioning how the seemingly star-studded island excursion could have resulted in half-built FEMA-issued tents, cancelled musical acts and stranded attendees.


What these leaders may not realize is that the old approach to meetings, where someone talks the team to sleep is quickly becoming unacceptable. Companies and planners everywhere are ditching their boring meetings and adopting more effective practices.
Two factors driving revolution throughout the modern workplace also demand a new way of meeting: digitalization and VUCA, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

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