• EMS Software Launches Connectivity Platform to Integrate Google G Suite & Microsoft Outlook

    In first-to-market move, EMS allows companies to gain calendar options and efficiency.

    POSTED January 19, 2018

As workspaces and meetings evolve to provide more modern, efficient workplaces for companies and their employees, EMS Software recently announced they have the industry's first enterprise-class platform that integrates with both Microsoft Outlook and Google's G Suite calendars.

The new software helps businesses by making it easier to schedule, manage and coordinate meetings as well as workplace options such as hotel stays, flex time, remote working, and smart building technology. Individuals gain the convenience of scheduling and managing corporate workspaces, meetings, and events integrated with both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook all in one place.

“Employee expectations are rapidly changing throughout the workplace, and organizational transformations are happening at businesses across the world as they accommodate the mobile, remote, and hoteling workforce,” said Akshay Mahajan, vice president of product management, EMS Software. “As companies move to the cloud-based office environment, workspace management is moving beyond real estate and instead is focused on connecting people with the right spaces, resources, and technologies. Integration with technologies such as G Suite and Microsoft Exchange are critical to providing employees with a seamless work environment and experience, yet only EMS can deliver this choice to businesses across the world.”

Other features of the new software include simple attendee-availability viewing on the web or mobile app, synchronized calendars and automatic addition of appointments, and user-friendly access to hoteling and conference space available, allowing easy comparison of room and invitee availability.

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