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Pump Up the Party With Distinctive Entertainers that Let Guests Take Center Stage

Entertainment is all about the experience, and increasingly guests want that experience to be a personal one. “Groups don’t necessarily want to sit in their seats and watch a performance; they want to be part of the entertainment,” says Renee J. Lewis, CMP, president and partner of Infinity Management Group in Brighton.

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Shingin the spotlight on the talents of a performer not only adds an element of entertainment to an event, it creates a shared experience for your guests that encourages camaraderie and inspires individuals to connect with their own potential for greatness. All eyes may be on the stage, but the four performers profiled here insist that it’s the audience that steals the show every time.

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The Amazing Hondo: Magic with a Message inspires creativity

Meetings and events are sometimes long and stressful. Often, the magic needed is just that: magic. That’s where The Amazing Hondo comes in. He not only entertains, but also inspires. “I encourage people to find out what their magic is—to find their value in life,” says Hondo Hughes (aka The Amazing Hondo), magician and inspirational speaker. “You can’t communicate anything until you get your audience’s attention.”

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