• Freeman Digital Solutions Engages the Brand Experience Industry

    POSTED November 20, 2019

The live event and brand experience industry is growing by the day and keeping up with it all may seem daunting. To help increase memorable and positive experiences and such events, Freeman has recently announced a new suite of engagement solutions.  

The three new solutions include Explore, Fluent, and Luminate, each of which provides assistance in their own way. Yet, each one can be used for any type of event regardless of type or size to make engagement easier and more innovative and effective. Customers can utilize these solutions individually or together, depending on their event’s needs, all with support from Freeman to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Explore helps brands showcase their products while the artificial intelligence-powered Fluent helps attendees with any questions they may have during an event. Finally, Luminate offers interactive and digital display solutions to help increase engagement. With so much across the platform, clients are said to be enjoying the experience of using Freeman Digital Solutions. Recently, a client reported that the Fluent chatbot was able to answer over 7,400 questions at about 92 percent accuracy.  

“We are able to work with clients to create the solution that works best for their company and their event,” says Danielle Puceta, senior vice president, digital. “Having a partner like Freeman to help them through the ideation process and the execution makes them more comfortable with trying new ideas and technologies.”   

Even during a worldwide pandemic, the hospitality industry is working to make people feel at ease. Though many hotels can only open their doors to health care workers and first responders, they’re reaching out to their local communities with bright messages in clever, socially-distanced ways. Through the heart-shaped lighting of windows at night, hotels are serving as beacons of hope in cities across the country. 


Daily life has been significantly altered by COVID-19, no matter the industry. Many are working from home, while children stay inside for online schooling. Meetings and events have been hit especially hard, since the essence of the industry is face-to-face interactions. While we continue to self-isolate, plenty of organizations have been offering webinars with insights on how to handle the pandemic—watching webinars is a great way to use that extra time you might have used for your commute to learn something useful.


As the spread of the novel coronavirus continues to put immense pressure on the U.S. health care system and the people who keep it running, the American Hotel and Lodging Association is working to connect hotels with health workers who are struggling to find housing.