• Get the Most out of Your Awards & Success with These 5 Tips

    FROM THE Fall 2016 ISSUE

Congratulations! You’ve landed a coveted industry award. You’re at the top of your game. Besides hanging your award on the wall or placing it in a place of prominence, what can you do to celebrate your achievement and use it to support marketing and recruitment efforts?

Here are five tips to extend the life of your industry recognition and gain more publicity. 

Add a Press Release for Your SEO

Many companies will receive an industry award and create a press release with the idea of getting the media to pay attention to your announcement. But, you should rethink your industry award press release as the perfect way to support search engine optimization (SEO).

Distribute the release to your local and trade media to ensure they know about your latest accolade, but more importantly, post the release to your website. This positive result will be visible both on your site and in online searches by potential customers, business associates and future hires.

Post on Social Media

After you’ve posted a press release on your website, it’s time to share it with your social networks. Share the press release on your company social channels. This will put your award front and center to those who might be potential customers or future employees. 

Highlight on Your Careers Page

Individuals like to know the pedigree of the organization they are working for before they join a new team. Make it a point to add your industry awards to the careers page of your website, especially if they are awards that highlight your business culture. 

Send a Note to Your Business Associates and Friends

If your company sends a newsletter to customers and business associates, highlight your latest award in the next issue.

No newsletter? No problem! Create a list of your key business associates and industry friends and send them a personalized email with an update on the latest happenings at your organization, including the award. This keeps your company top of mind for business associates who may need your assistance or might be in a position to help bring you business or employees. 

Add a Banner to Your Email Signature Line

We all live on email, and the email signature line is a visible place that people will look for more information when they are reading your correspondence. Highlight your industry award by creating a graphic banner that is inserted below your contact information.

Just following a few of these tips will keep people talking about your accomplishments long after your acceptance speech is over.

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