• Grand Hyatt New York Announces Summer Adventures

    POSTED July 9, 2017

The Grand Hyatt New York is offering many new experiences for its traveler guests. From its Midtown Manhattan location, the Grand Hyatt boasts of adventures including visiting the CHIHULY exhibit at the NY Botanical Garden, a new summer menu with appropriate fresh offerings, rose, and summer cocktails, and a trip to the beach, the hotel provides everything a guest might want from a NYC summer escape.

“Ideally located in Midtown Manhattan, adjacent to Grand Central and just a short walking distance away from where Seastreak Ferry departs, Grand Hyatt New York provides quick and easy access to a variety of New York experiences,” says John Schafer, general manager. “Whether guests are looking to combine their city escape with a beach day or take advantage of New York City’s iconic sporting or arts and culture scene, along with some delicious and creative food and drink in the comfort of the hotel, Grand Hyatt New York is a great home base. We are excited to be partnered up with some of the city’s best summer attractions and look forward to welcoming travelers this season.”

Below is a list of activities the Grand Hyatt New York offers.

Summer in the City Experience

Available June 7 through Sept. 4, travelers no longer have to agonize between the NYC skyline and the expected summer delights of a sunny beach trip. The Grand Hyatt New York partnered with Seastreak ferry to provide its guests with both the skyline and the beach in one trip. By embarking on the Summer in the City Experience, guests take the 45 minute ferry ride to Sandy Hook beach, where they can access historical sites, multi-use paths, hiking trails, 300 species of migratory birds, and of course the beach, all while being able to see the NYC skyline. Guests don't even have to worry about beach necessities such as sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, a beach ball, or a beach bag, as that is included in the package for a worry-free trip. To travel to the beach, a ferry ride departing from E. 35th Street Ferry Terminal has a satellite TV, a full cash bar, plush seating, both to Sandy Hook beach and back to the city, as the package includes two round-trip tickets, with the choice between 3 departure times and 3 return times on the weekends (2 during the week). The Summer in the City Experience also includes two glasses of Altaneve Prosecco rose NV at New York Central restaurant. Lastly, the package also includes an overnight stay at the Grand Hyatt New York, with modern amenities and complementary WiFi.

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