• A Guide to Event Staffing in a Big City

    POSTED June 14, 2019

    Putting on a memorable event requires a vision, a plan, and the right people to make that plan happen. 

In-person and exciting events are key for any business wishing to build a relationship with its customers. By being a part of a trade show, or holding a promotional event in a big city, your brand can not only sell on-site to real people without having to compete with a host of competitors, but can craft an experience that guests will carry with them for a long time.

Putting on a memorable event requires a vision, a plan, and the right people to make that plan happen. Staffing your event is crucial for its success; the right people can elevate any occasion, and the wrong people can ruin the most carefully prepared events. Here’s how to find the right people.

Know What You Want

The most important thing when planning your event staffing is what skillsets and personality traits are most crucial for your event.

When hosting an upscale gala for honored clients, a sense of dignity, and experience working more formal events is a must. When promoting at a trade show, your staff must be able to draw in people and stand out from the crowd. There, a background in entertainment events or experience with getting people’s attention is crucial.

According to PUSH Agency, attitude and expertise are your primary factors to look for, in that order. Extremely skilled event staff that don’t play well with others are a no-go, as are well-meaning workers who don’t know how to do the jobs required of them.

By knowing what specific personalities and skillsets you’re aiming for ahead of time, you can include those desirables in your job description or hiring call and get exactly those people.

Train Well

Any event of yours should be unique. A large part of this uniqueness comes from your personal vision, and your event staff are a means to channel that vision. This means they need to be trained for your event specifically.

No matter how skilled the people who you find for your event are, it’s still vital to onboard them extensively so they can do things your way. By having a clear plan of how you want things done, potential contingency plans for problem areas, and a greater vision for the event as a whole, everyone who you hire will be on the same page.

Extensive training doesn’t just lead to more informed and capable staff on event day. It also lets your staff know that you’re serious about their quality of work and have a clear idea of what you want. Motivated and directed staff will outperform any employees that feel that they’re left to fend for themselves.

Know What You Can Pay

Big cities are expensive for everyone, especially companies trying to put on events. Event staffing may seem like a potential area to skimp on spending, but that’s a dangerous prospect.

Again, the quality of your event staff can make or break your big day. Staffing is where you should be perhaps the least frugal but the smartest with spending. Ask yourself how many bartenders, promo models, ambassadors, etc. you really need, and invest in the right level of experience.

Making a budget ahead of time is crucial, as especially venues in large cities can be outrageously costly. Always have enough money planned to bring on quality people; they’ll pay off in spades.

In Summary

While big city event staffing can be stressful, there are many online resources to help you with the process. Just make sure to value attitude, have a plan for the type of person you want onboard, invest in good training, and above all have a vision. With the right staff, your event will be a success

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