• Happy Glamper

    POSTED April 18, 2019
  • Happy Glamper

    POSTED April 18, 2019

Imagine a camping trip deep in the wildnerness, except with no itchy bug bites, sleeping on the cold ground or pesky critters eating your limited food supply. With Glampique, this fantasy can be a reality--and in your very own backyard.

David Levine founded Glampique after working with many people in the glamping industry who expressed an interest in having a glamping tent in their backyards but didn't know where to start. Luckily for those folks, Levine solved their problem.

Glampique is the only company to sell fully furnished luxury glamping tents for leisure and business. Since entering the glamping industry in 2014, Levine and his Glampique team have perfected the glamping experience with comfortable mattresses, stylish furniture and tents that stay warm when it's cold and vice versa.

"Prior to glamping, I was a professional saxophonist in New York City and on cruise ships around the world. I have traveled to more than 60 countries and bicycled through nearly 20 countries," says wanderlust Levine. "I love to watch the sunset from the perfect campsite on my journeys, and now I offer Glampique customers the same opportunity in luxury tents."

Levine has set up four glamping hotels, including in New York's The Rockaways and Northern California, and countless pop-up glamping events nationwide. Levine says he wanted to make glamping more glamorous than what was already available, which led him to curating relationships with the best designers and makers to create each component of the Glampique tents.

"What makes Glampique unique is we sell, deliver and install modern glamping tents with stunning decor, removing the hassle and guesswork of creating a luxury outdoor experience," Levine says.

Glampique is also a great option for meetings, retreats and other events, says Levine. "Glamping is an amazing way to connect with nature and spend quality time with others. The combination of luxury accommodations and outdoor experiences fosters real personal connection, making glamping perfect for any event where the goal is to forge deeper relationships and reconnect with nature," he adds.

Though Glampique isn't available for rentals, Levine says it serves as more of a long-term solution for groups rather than just a one-off event. For those looking for orders of 10 or more tents, customizable design services are also available.

"Glampique furnished tents are a turnkey solution for anyone looking to get into glamping, be it for personal use on their property with loved ones or business use for vacation rentals and hotels looking to get into glamping," he says.

Glampique tents, furnishings and installation are available for $20,000--a fee worth the guarantee of no more mosquito bites.

It had been more than 50 years since the shores of Lake Minnetonka have seen a hotel when downtown Wayzata decided it was ready to change that. The 92-room Hotel Landing has proven to be a popular destination for brides- and grooms-to-be, business travelers, high-end diners, and company parties. From its 4,200 square feet of meeting space to its Nordic-inspired spa, Hotel Landing is a Wayzata oasis for locals and out-of-towners alike.


When it comes to apples, Minnesota knows its stuff. Home of the Honeycrisp, Minnesota proudly boasted its apple knowledge at the Minnesota Cider Guild's 6th annual Minnesota Cider Fest on Saturday, June 8. With more than 30 local, national and international cideries, the Minnesota Cider Fest offered samples of endless flavors of cider, and for the cider connoisseur, education sessions to test your apple knowledge.


D'Amico Catering celebrated the opening of yet another sure-to-be-a-hit restaurant and bar, The Brooklyn at Edinburgh USA on June 6. From miniature pies, lobster rolls and burgers to tables overflowing with artisan cheeses, fresh vegetables and gourmet breads, the grand opening of The Brooklyn made sure no guest left hungry.