• Hospitality Industry Employees Come Together For Get Shift Done Initiative

    POSTED July 3, 2020

The hospitality industry was hit particularly hard by the coronavirus, due to public fears of, and state restrictions on, traveling and group gatherings. Get Shift Done for North Texas Initiative was launched to employ affected hourly workers in the hospitality industry to perform shifts for nonprofit organizations and institutions in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Local business and community leaders Anurag Jain and Patrick Brandt launched the idea with support from their respective companies, community leaders, restaurant owners and nonprofit organizations, including the North Texas Food Bank, where Jain serves as chairman of the board.

The Shiftsmart platform and operations team managed the onboarding, matching, scheduling, dispatching and routing of workers to perform shifts. Restaurants scheduled their staff shifts at North Texas-based nonprofit organizations, preparing, assembling and delivering meals at a wage rate of $10/hour, paid from the Get Shift Done for North Texas Fund. Any remaining funds will be used to support nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development and hunger relief.