• Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

    POSTED January 29, 2015

While for some, the actual football part of the Super Bowl is priority No. 1, others find the socializing, food and general party the best part of the sporting event. Check out the below tips to kick off your soiree and score a touchdown with your guests. 

Create a Winning Atmosphere

1. Try a neighborhood tailgate. Set up a grill and some lawn chairs in your driveway or yard and coordinate with other families on your block to do the same.

2. Choose a location that has an intimate feel but plenty of space to accommodate mini celebrations and end zone dances without injury.

3. Make sure everyone has a great view of the action. You don't want your guests to miss any second of the game (or the commercials). 

Quench Game Day Hunger (and Thirst)

4. Put a new spin on the classic munchies by serving spicy ketchup, a kale Caesar salad or fried cauliflower nuggets.

5. Make a breakfast of champions for the Monday after. Use leftovers instead of tossing them out.

6. Beer goes great with all sports. Tastings or flights offer lots of choices. Be sure to serve themed beers for the teams playing like: New England Patriots Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Seattle Seahawks Black Hawk Stout.

7.  Add childhood favorites to your dessert options like make-your-own sundaes served inside mini-football helmets. 

8. Make your party memorable by using each opposing teams’ hometown as snack inspiration.  Clam chowder for New England or get creative with coffee-flavored desserts for Seattle. 

9. Don’t make your apps too complicated. Overloaded plates can lead to a longer cleanup time, plus finger foods leave one hand free for high-fiving after each touchdown! Put snacks on a stick—homemade corndogs, steak on a stick, barbecue short ribs and boneless buffalo strips on a stick are all great options.

10. Although the Super Bowl is a great time to indulge, remember to include some healthy snacks too. A salty and sweet selection with cheese, nuts and fruits or veggies will leave guests happy, regardless of which team wins. Put a healthy spin on the traditional snacks such as turkey burgers on whole wheat buns or whole wheat chips and white bean dip.

Fun for Everyone!

11. Use commercial breaks to engage the non-football enthusiasts.  Create a custom playlist that will get your guests on their feet, incorporate trivia about the host city, or take a vote on how many beer commercials will be played and award the winner at game’s end.

12. Don’t forget not everyone is your typical Super Bowl fan—in fact, guests may not drink beer or even know much about football. Make everyone feel comfortable by offering a variety of food and beverage options and alternative seating arrangements.


Arthur Backal is an NYC-based event guru, CEO of Backal Management Group and event manager of Apella, Event Space at Alexandria Center.

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