• Hotel Lincoln Offers Icebreakers to Spice up Meetings

    POSTED September 18, 2016

Hotel Lincoln wants to put a bit of fun into dull meetings. The Lincoln Park hotel is now offering “Joy of Meetings,” a program aimed to create an environment that fosters team productivity without being mind-numbingly boring.

They have recently added a new, complimentary “Icebreaker” amenity to their repertoire, which involves playing a range of games to build relationships between co-workers. Held in the hotel’s Clark Room, the games are led by Hotel Lincoln’s own staff and range from a Family Feud-style battle of teams to getting blindfolded and attempting to spell out words with large, foam letters.

The games offered in the new Icebreaker amenity are Trivia Challenge, S-P-E-L-L It Out, Heads Up, Family Feud, Mystery Image and Drawing Blind.

Both Trivia Challenge and Family Feud involve teams pitting their wits against each other; the Trivia Challenge can even be customized to include questions about coworkers or general themes. S-P-E-L-L It Out separates the group into teams, with each member gets blindfolded while holding a large, foam letter. The goal is to figure out what word they are spelling out before the other team.

Heads Up is inspired by the guessing game Ellen Degeneres popularized—it’s incredibly fast-paced and hilarious. One person holds an iPad on his or her forehead with something they must guess displayed and their teammates give them hints about it until they guess right in the one minute allotted.

Drawing Blind has one team member wear a blindfold while drawing an object their other team members’ are describing. Whichever team has the best drawing, as determined by a judge, wins. The final game is Mystery Image, where teams compete in a round-robin style of trivia to remove blocks that reveal an image behind them. The team with the most points after 10 minutes will win a prize. You can even have the image customized to show a logo or a hilarious image.

Hotel Lincoln’s icebreakers are meant to improve communication and teamwork skills amongst coworkers. They aim to make meetings enjoyable and productive through their range of wacky activities that can be enjoyed between sessions or during the actual meetings.

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