• The Hotel at Oberlin, a New Environmentally Sustainable Hotel, Set to Open in September

    POSTED September 11, 2016

On Sept. 13, 2016, one of the most environmentally sustainable hotels in the world, The Hotel at Oberlin, will open in Ohio. Sustainability has been an important consideration throughout the hotel’s development—all companies hired to develop and manage the hotel focus on creating sustainable design and features that complement the environmentally sustainable hotel.

In a larger context, the hotel is a crucial part of The Oberlin Project, a partnership formed between the town and Oberlin College to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly community. David W. Orr, founder and visionary of The Oberlin Project, views the hotel as a “model of sustainability.” The desire to create a sustainable hotel is apparent in nearly every aspect of the hotel.

The Gettys Group, a global design firm, was responsible for the hotel’s look and feel. To create a sustainable hotel, the company explored design elements that used the natural surroundings of the area, including carpet tiles used from recycled materials.

In terms of technology, The Hotel at Oberlin has many sustainable features, which include an on-site bio retention basin, rainwater harvesting, exterior solar shading devices and a 10-acre photovoltaic array.

The Olympia Companies, a leader in real estate development, equity, and hospitality management projects, will manage the hotel. The company is known for managing and developing sustainable, environmentally friendly hotels.

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