• IACC Meeting Room of the Future Report shows Greater Interest in Sustainability Efforts

    POSTED June 21, 2019

IACC's 2019 Meeting Room of the Future Report reveals that sustainability is a top priority of meeting planners. Of those who responded to the survey, 44 percent said they believe that ethical operations and sustainable practices will be one of the most important elements for venues by 2024. A major concern of meeting planners is food waste, with 62 percent of respondents noting that they will consider how a venue manages food waste before booking.

In addition to environmental topics, respondents reported that cyber security is another concern, with 27 percent of respondents stating that cyber security will become a greater priority in the next three to five years and 76 percent reporting that they are concerned about cyber security when implementing new technologies into their events.

"Cyber security has always been a huge focus, but with the implementation of new technologies within venues and at events, it's crucial that meeting planners can trust that sensitive data cannot be accessed or hacked," says Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC.

Cooper says people are also becoming more aware of the amount of food waste that is generated globally, and there's no doubt that the meetings and events industry is a big contributor to this waste. "When you consider the amount of food waste, plastic waste, discarded marketing and stands that can be left over from one event alone, imagine what thousands of events can produce," he says.

By 2024, Cooper says we can expect to see venues making an effort to reduce food waste through stronger management of food and beverage. Within that, he adds, we can expect to see a greater focus on menus that are attractive, nutritious, but also work for delegates with and without dietary requirements to reduce the vast number of dishes that are created and wasted at events. 

"We’ve seen a variety of solutions come into fruition, especially in the food and beverage field. Some venue teams are working with their chefs to create menus that work across the board. For example, creating vegan and vegetarian dishes that work for delegates that follow this diet and that are also attractive for those who don’t," Cooper says. "We’ve also seen some venues working with local community projects and charities to donate leftover food and beverages."

PCMA has announced its proposed 2020 Board of Directors and Officers. The nominating process, according to the bylaws (Article XII, Section 1(d)), allows for additional nominations for any officer or director position by members who submit a petition, which is required to be signed by 5 percent of members from the membership category appropriate to the position and submitted to PCMA’s president and CEO no later than November 1, 2019.


Sportsmen's Lodge recently revealed its newly renovated pool. Known as the largest pool in San Fernando Valley, the Sportsmen's Lodge pool is an attraction to guests and locals alike.

"We are always looking for ways to improve the guest and visitor experience, and since the pool is our most popular amenity, we like to keep it fresh and update it every couple of years," says General Manager Stephen Chavez.


Looking for some unique team-building opportunities? Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh has you covered. From pretzel-twisting and cocktail-mixing classes to the "52 Up Close" show with magician Lee Terbosic, your group can experience everything from education and comedy to sleight of hand tricks and mind reading. "Careful with your thoughts about your colleagues!" warns Greg Goffin, director of sales.