• ILEA Announces Global Partners

    POSTED October 4, 2016

The International Live Events Association has announced their Global Partners for 2016–2017. They are Giants Enterprises, CORT and VisitScotland Business Events.

ILEA will assist these companies in the next year through collaborative projects and by exposing them to the global events industry. ILEA’s Global Partner Program also allows their partners to connect with the 5,000 international ILEA members.

“Giants Enterprises, CORT and VisitScotland Business Events are long-term and highly valued supporters of ILEA and the global events industry,” says Judy Brillhart international president of ILEA. “We look forward to working in partnership for the mutual benefit of our members and our organizations.”

The 2016–2017 program begins with the publication of ILEA’s first online magazine, LIVE! The magazine will spotlight ILEA’s partners and what they contribute to the events industry. LIVE! will be distributed quarterly from ILEA.

Chances are, you won’t know you’re living through history until it’s too late. It’s already happening. A chain reaction has been set in motion and the ground has begun to slide beneath your feet. This past year has been a whirlwind to say the least. As a global pandemic sent the world reeling, planners were left grasping for footholds as the event industry was brought to a standstill and many of the most fundamental elements of live meetings and events were cast in a new light.


On September 1, over 1,500 businesses across the country illuminated their buildings with red lights to draw attention to the devastation that the live events and performance art industries have faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to a survey commissioned by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), frequent travelers feel safer when hotels adhere to AHLA's Stay Safe guidelines, which detail cleaning protocols for hotels during the COVID-19 pandemic.