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The Statehouse Convention Center Completes Renovations

By M+E Staff

The Statehouse Convention Center, which has been under construction since 2010, is finally completed. All three levels of the center have gone through several renovations including upgrades to the sound system, lighting and security, wall treatments and door hardware.

The Woody Allen ballroom received the most significant changes with the instillation of air-walls to expand meeting capabilities and space flexibility in the 18,500 square foot space. Additionally, the ballroom level is now carpeted in a vivid red, teal, taupe and blue pattern that resembles the waves of the Arkansas River, which the ballroom overlooks.

Besides the Woody Allen ballroom, the largest such facility in the state, the Statehouse Convention Center features four large, adaptable exhibition halls and meeting rooms. For more information about The Statehouse Convention Center, located in the heart of the downtown meeting and entertainment district.