• Industry Professionals Expect Growth in Holiday Business This Year

    POSTED November 29, 2016

The National Association for Catering and Events, with more than 4,000 members, is the largest and oldest association in the industry. Recently, they conducted a survey in which industry noted there will be an increase in holiday business compared to previous years.

In the survey, 42 percent responded that business would increase; 28 percent said business would stay the same; and 19 percent said business would decrease. Additionally, about 27 percent said event business for 2017 would be greater than that in 2016; 35 percent said it would be the same; and 18 percent said it would decrease.

Additionally, companies are looking for new ways to make their events more economical. The survey showed that some are saving by hosting events in employee’s homes or using pre-decorated venues. New, interactive entertainment technologies will also become more popular in the coming years.

“This has been a long recovery,” says Bonnie Fedchock, executive director of NACE, “but we have continued to see that companies are continuing to place importance on both year-end, and corporate events throughout the coming year; they remain a vital corporate function.”

After 7 years of planning, the VanDyk Mortgage Convention Center is now open in downtown Muskegon. The official ribbon cutting took place on April 12, 2021.  


The New York and New Jersey chapters of the National Association for Catering & Events (NACE), along with the Banquet Event Strategic Task Force (BEST Task Force), held an in-person gathering in August, their first since the start of the pandemic.


On September 1, over 1,500 businesses across the country illuminated their buildings with red lights to draw attention to the devastation that the live events and performance art industries have faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.