• Innovative Event-Planning Software Acquired By MemberSuite

    POSTED July 31, 2019

MemberSuite, a premier provider of cloud-based event management solutions, recently acquired Event Farm, a company offering event management and engagement software that has catered to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Because of the development of cutting-edge event engagement technology, meetings and events planners are now able to execute innovative events and manage a several event engagement variables, all from a mobile device. Event Farm helps planners understand attendees’ engagement before, during and after an event.

Before an event, planners can build a branded registration website that will customize forms and include questions relevant to ticket segments. Planners can create and send invitations over email, create “Save the Date” reminders, and send event confirmations. Guest lists are enhanced by an ability to import contacts and manage promotional codes for free or discounted tickets.

Event set-up is made easier by giving staff members the ability to manage the event and edit event information quickly. They can even access an event dashboard to track the performance of an event. During the event, planners can automatically sync registration data to Event Farm’s check-in app. Check-in notes can be related to specific guests, so staff are reminded to direct attendees or get additional information. Attendees might be greeted with a welcome text from the host upon arrival. Planners can also opt to send out surveys or conduct live polling to garner feedback. A bonus for any event is the ability to create customized photo filters that encourage social sharing.

Following an event, Event Farm offers a variety of reports on guest activity and guest communication. Engagement reports and guest feedback are also available, right at a planner’s fingertips.

MemberSuite has served associations and non-profits of all shapes and sizes. Their software, including apps like Event Farm, address critical business needs of any organization. Event Farm CEO Ryan Costello says, “In addition to continuing to serve the for-profit space, through this acquisition we'll be able to offer those same advanced applications to organizations in the nonprofit space. We're excited to marry our solutions to MemberSuite's powerful AMS."

Daily life has been significantly altered by COVID-19, no matter the industry. Many are working from home, while children stay inside for online schooling. Meetings and events have been hit especially hard, since the essence of the industry is face-to-face interactions. While we continue to self-isolate, plenty of organizations have been offering webinars with insights on how to handle the pandemic—watching webinars is a great way to use that extra time you might have used for your commute to learn something useful.


As the spread of the novel coronavirus continues to put immense pressure on the U.S. health care system and the people who keep it running, the American Hotel and Lodging Association is working to connect hotels with health workers who are struggling to find housing.


With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, most people are working from home. Many are social distancing or quarantining with their children, who have transitioned to online classes. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, offices, stores and so much more have been temporarily shut down in many states, affecting daily life in the most unexpected of ways.