• Innovative New Service and Software Links Event Planners with Sponsors and Retailers

    BAM! Instant Connection
    POSTED July 31, 2018

Pairing event planners with relevant sponsors and retailers has never been more accessible with Brand Activation Maximizer (BAM). With the BAM software, event organizers can take a more targeted approach in their quest for sponsorship acquisitions.

BAM’s president Tad Geschickter, who owns two NASCAR Cup Series teams, is taking his 30-plus years of experience executing sponsorship and merchandising programs to connect the dots between events, retailers and brands with this new software.

"I think BAM is a response to where the industry is at right now," Geschickter says of his growing venture. "There's a lot more competition online, and people have a need to create awareness and affinity. BAM is risk-free, easy to use, and you get to create a portal for exposure." 

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