• January Is the New December for Holiday Parties

    When thinking of holiday parties, think outside of the calendar.

    POSTED January 22, 2019

For 2019, resolve to rethink your company holiday party.

Yes, you want to celebrate and acknowledge your team for an amazing year and all of their hard work with a well-deserved employee celebration. Pressure is on you to throw the traditional office party in December. But here’s the deal: Now more than ever, people want to be with their families and friends during the holidays. Plus, costs are a-risin’ for banquet rooms, food, hotels, flowers, bar services, caterers, entertainment, et al., and they are all at premium in the month of December. Even the availability of your first choice for a venue may be challenging, because if it’s your first choice, then it’s bound to be someone else’s too.

Guess what? It’s now considered hip and cool to have your holiday party in January. This is a win-win-win!

Your co-workers get a well-earned holidayseason evening to themselves, you get to save yourself and your company money, and you secure first choices of caterers, venues, and entertainment for January. All can be booked and paid for prior to year-end for tax purposes without having to settle for less.

In January, most event specialists are feeling refreshed and available to assist your company. Private dining rooms in your favorite restaurants or venues are eager to have your first-quarter business and will give you some rockin’ deals. That goes for your caterer, florist and entertainment, too. So for 2019, make it your goal to change up how you celebrate!


Award-winning chef Lisa Dupar is the owner of Dupar & Company, which includes Lisa Dupar Catering and Pomegranate Bistro in Redmond, Washington. 

Ten years ago, when celebrating the 10th anniversary of my company, Elias Events, I wrote an article about the 10 changes I witnessed over the years. Now at the 20-year mark, I feel the need to write another article. This time around the changes in the special events industry are astounding, and to say advances in technology are a driving force behind special events is an understatement.


Question: What is your one must-have for business travel?

"My Mophie power station so I don’t have to compete for outlets during a flight delay or have that awkward moment of leaning into my neighbor’s lap while trying to find an outlet on the plane."

India Rhodes, CSEP Dallas Partner | Wilkinson Rhodes