In late October, Limefy is unveiling its next generation of smart badges which pair networking with technology. The Sammamish, Washington-based company’s Ligo badges are equipped with chips that take the guessing out of making valuable business connections.

The proximity-based technology allows wearers to identify like-minded individuals. Through an app, meeting and convention attendees can program their badges with their unique profiles and special interests or goals. When two or more badges detect a match, they light up in the same color, and the bearers can start a conversation. The badges can be used for matching job seekers with employers, specific types of vendors with planners or individuals who share the same interests. 

Event organizers can use the data from the badges to determine how many of their guests were able to meet their goals—for example, how many investors were introduced to startups—and trade show vendors can track attendees that stopped by their booths. In addition, attendee and exhibitor information is stored for easy follow-up, and the badges can be used for gamification activities, further engaging participants with each other. 

Limefy cofounder and CEO Constantine Korovkin says the new badges are lighter and thinner and include an enhanced portal with a conference self-registration option. 

Kevin Hubschmann is a New Jersey-based comedian who has been making people laugh for most of his life. But after not finding as many opportunities to perform live even before the pandemic, he started hosting popup comedy shows in New York City in 2019 under the business name Laugh.Events (pronounced Laugh Dot Events).


In the wake of a total global crisis, the Meet Minneapolis team got to work. 

Connecting the Community

Last summer, as communities across the state reeled, the CVB launched the “We Need Us!” campaign as a rally cry and reminder on the importance of supporting the businesses that make Minneapolis so unique.

“It really came from this question of, ‘How can we support our community that’s hurting in so many ways and make locals feel comfortable making those choices?’” says senior vice president of destination branding & strategy Courtney Ries.


Your team may have worn out the Zoom happy hour, but these virtual team-building options offer ways to connect and engage on a whole new level.