• Meet Fallon Allison, Events for Eight ... and Growing

    Events Director Fallon Allison balances events for McGuire Moorman Hospitality’s restaurants, with more to come.

    POSTED September 5, 2018

TXM+E: You run events programs for eight properties. How do you balance this?
: McGuire Moorman Hospitality has eight restaurants—Lamberts, Perla’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, Elizabeth Street Cafe, Clark’s Oyster Bar, Jeffrey’s, Josephine House, June’s All Day and Pool Burger—and does off-site catering and events. Every year, we get busier as we add new restaurants and take on more events, so communication with guests and clients commands a large part of my daily routine. 

TXM+E: What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love it all! Every day is different, depending on clients’ needs and personalities. Right now, I’m really loving how our off-site events are growing. Going outside the restaurants to cater events opens up a totally new way to be creative with new menu items or décor. Each event has a new, fresh story and viewpoint, so it never gets old.

TXM+E: What has been vital to your success?
So many things! Having a team at McGuire Moorman where you always have support, can ask for advice and know they are there to help is amazing. I cannot tell you how many times I have called one of the people I work with for advice and received an honest answer. I guess this leads straight to the relationships that have been formed over the years.

TXM+E: What is next for you, and for the company’s events?
Big things! I got married recently, so starting a family is in my future. As for events, we are looking to grow again this year with an extra focus on expanding the catering side, which is super exciting for me. Over the summer, we’re usually preparing for graduation events and summer parties. Plus, you can find us catering at Antone’s and at weddings. We are opening a new restaurant with Bunkhouse Group at the Austin Motel, called Joann’s Fine Foods, as well as our first restaurant outside of Texas in Aspen, Colorado.

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