• Meet Stephanie Capellas

    POSTED July 9, 2017

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Stephanie Capellas was recently hired as the vice president of public relations at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

1. What are you looking forward to the most in your new role as vice president of public relations?

I’ve lived in Las Vegas for more than 10 years and from the time The Cosmopolitan debuted in 2010, it truly set an industry standard amongst the Las Vegas Strip. To be aligned with such an innovative and forward-thinking brand is something I take insurmountable pride in. From the team that has been here since before the property opened to the newcomers that bring a different perspective to the property’s vast and continued success, I’m so looking forward to collaborating with such a passionate team for the new phase of what’s to come at The Cosmopolitan.

2. How do you think past experiences have prepared you for this role?

Las Vegas is a culture all its own and I’m lucky to call this beautiful city home for quite some time. The Las Vegas Strip is at the epicenter of hospitality innovation, with The Cosmopolitan truly leading the pack. Having previously worked for best-in-class organizations such as Cirque du Soleil and Hakkasan Group, who are both at the top of their game in their respective industries, it’s both refreshing and challenging to be more hospitality oriented now, while bringing along previous experiences that I can hopefully share with the team I now align with at The Cosmopolitan. I’m thrilled to be sharing and contributing to the success here.

3. How did you get into the industry?

I don’t ever think opportunity comes knocking, you do have to take risks and go after what you want most in life. I grew up in a beautiful town in Ohio, but after college really felt the need to spread my wings and see what else was out there. The lifestyle/entertainment world was calling my name in terms of having studied PR, and I made the ambitious decision to take a trip to Vegas following graduation to scope out the town. Two weeks later, I packed up my Midwest life and made the cross-country move where I’ve been ever since. I’ll never forget the days when I was starting out my Las Vegas career working 4am live morning news shoots in downtown Las Vegas, while friends of mine were finishing graveyard shifts at hotels on the Strip. Vegas is a constant hustle and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I have some wonderful mentors to thank for their support throughout the years.

4. What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

What hasn’t The Cosmopolitan accomplished since its debut to the market? The property changed the game on the Strip as to how hotels treat their guests and take their feedback so strongly into consideration. I have never quite seen an organization function where the experience of the guest not only counts for something, but everything, and bringing that approachable luxury component is something this resort has exceeded at for years and continues to do so. The company has seen a refreshing surge of life with president and CEO Bill McBeath onboard, and a strong goal of the associated teams is to maximize and share in that vision. I’m looking forward to sharing the news of the gorgeous new Boulevard Penthouses along with The Reserve and Talon Club – experiences that cater to the serious gaming customer – and unlike anything else in our market. These amenities have enabled the property to one-up itself in terms of the clientele both visiting and staying at the property. The Restaurant Collection is something that is so strongly admired from other properties on the Strip, in addition to the compelling talent bookings that come through our entertainment venues. The Cosmopolitan does an immense job of pioneering hospitality innovation and staying ahead of its competitors, along with never losing sight of constant improvement across the board. In terms of PR, there is nonstop areas to talk about and share.

5. What do you enjoy most about the industry?

Every day brings a new challenge, but in this industry specifically, time is of the essence to find a solution. The 24-hour nature of this business is what keeps teams both unified and resilient – knowing that we’re in the trenches together to get the job done. I enjoy the collaboration and fortitude of the people I have worked with/continue to work with – it’s what makes coming to work every day so fulfilling. And let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of excitement in both this industry and Las Vegas!

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The Mob Museum, officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, celebrated its 10th anniversary with its first fundraising gala “Undercover of the Night” on Feb. 17 at the museum’s historic building in downtown Las Vegas. The museum can be booked for private meetings and events, with several function spaces and buyouts available.

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These interviews are part of a series that highlights new hires within the industry. Have you recently started a new role or do you know someone who has? Submit your ideas to lauren.pahmeier@tigeroak.com.

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1. What are you looking forward to most in your new role?