• Meet Tod Chambers

    POSTED July 9, 2017

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Tod Chambers was recently hired as managing director of Waldorf Astoria Chicago and Conrad Chicago.

1. What are you looking forward to the most in your new role as managing director of Waldorf Astoria Chicago and Conrad Chicago?

There are many things that make managing these two hotels very attractive. From a Hilton Luxury brands perspective, these are the two finest luxury hotels that the company manages in the entire Americas. Having a chance to manage them both at one time is an opportunity that rarely if ever would present itself. In addition, getting to live in one of America's great cities along with the job makes this the best combined career and personal opportunity that I can imagine.

2. How do you think past experiences have prepared you for this role?

For nearly eight years, I managed the Waldorf Astoria in New Orleans, which provided me with a great foundation of providing luxury experiences to guests. I've also worked for Hilton Hotels for nearly 25 years where I have gained experience with the many resources that I can assist in harvesting to help these two hotels continue to achieve success.

3. How did you get into the industry?

My first job many years ago was at a Bonanza restaurant as a Steward.

4. What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

The strategy in our business is always the most fascinating aspect of what we do every day. Specifically, how can we take two great facilities and strategically drive the guest experience to make the hotels even better.

5. What do you enjoy most about the industry?

This is the easiest question of all. Our industry is all about the people who serve in our hotels. Having the chance to get to know these great people is far and away the best attribute of this industry.

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