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5 Tips for Creating a Productive Work Space


With most people averaging 40-plus hour work weeks, it is important to maintain a healthy, organized workspace. Whether it’s a cubicle, corner office, or even an in-house work space, feng shui is a great tool that can be used to create a healthy, harmonized work space. As one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, feng shui is a way in which one harmonizes themselves with their surrounding environment.

Here are 5 easy tips for creating a productive, balanced work space:

Let Craft Soda Pop the Top Off Your Next Event


Craft beer might be sweeping the nation, but its nonalcoholic counterpart, craft soda, is the latest buzz for those who want to sip on something with a little less of a punch. Artisanal sodas focus on high-quality, natural ingredients and often have more flavor options than mass-marketed soda. They also have ditched high fructose corn syrup, so guests can sip guilt-free. Plus, the packaging alone makes for creative décor potential. Usually bottled, craft sodas liven up any room with their vibrant colors and fun designs.

Dealing with Murphy: Use Planning Templates, Not Guesswork

Special events are different from other projects. An event is a one-time activity with fixed boundaries and there is little to no wiggle room. Once the date, time and location are set, you face a hard deadline. Ready or not, the show must go on!

According to Murphy, if something does go wrong, the client looks to the event planner—whatever the circumstances might be. This is why meticulous planning is paramount, and using templates will streamline the process.

Natural and Vintage Tablescapes Add Whimsy to Events


AS FANS OF THE TV SERIES PORTLANDIA KNOW, the phrase "Put a bird on it" means adding an avian image to make something- especially a handcrafted item-more adorable. It could also serve as a motto of Los Angeles-based caterer Terri Wahl of Eagle Rock’s Auntie Em’s Kitchen Catering, an offshoot of her popular restaurant, Auntie Em’s Kitchen. Wahl is a pro at adding rustic chic and a bird or two (even some heritage chicken eggs from her own hens) to her seasonally minded tablescapes. Not surprisingly, brides embrace Wahl’s whimsical touches.

Discover the Solutions to Humdrum Soirees


THE HOTTEST, MOST UNUSUAL ENTERTAINMENT IN THE COUNTRY CAN BE FOUND RIGHT HERE IN TEXAS. Extraordinary entertainers are the solution to humdrum soirees and lackluster socials, but discovering them requires the answer to one little question: Does your client need a keynote speaker, emcee or graffiti artist? This probably doesn’t even seem like a valid query-at least not one you ask yourself often-but it can make you think twice about what your client really needs. And it can lead to some really exciting events.


Signature Drink - Do You Think I’m Tex-y?



-1 oz. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

-1 oz. elderflower liqueur

-6 fresh raspberries

-.25 oz. simple syrup

-.25 oz. handcrafted sweet and sour


1. Muddle berries, simple syrup and sweet amd sour together.

2. Add spirits and then fresh ice.

3. Shake vigorously.

4. Strain into martini glass and garnish with a mint leaf.

Recipie courtesy of mixologist Cat Miltenberger, Tito's Handmade Vodka and The Mockingbird Distillery in Austin. 

Signature Drink - The RH


This is definitely not your grandfather’s library. The Library Bar, tucked inside the intimate Rittenhouse hotel, is a far cry from anything dusty, stodgy or old-world. Instead, this inviting space, with its handsome interiors, is the embodiment of modern, sleek style. While here, opt for The RH cocktail, the Library Bar’s signature drink. Like the space itself, this cocktail takes a classic and turns it on its head. It’s a new look of the whiskey sour, revisited in honor of Rye whisky’s birthplace.


-2 oz. of rye whiskey


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