On May 4, Knowland, a provider of meetings and events intelligence data, released its monthly report for April 2022. The data showed a significant increase in meetings activity, with a 323% increase over April 2021, including a 3.7% recovery of events from March to April 2022.

Additional information included:

•     In April 2022, the average number of attendees per event was 118, compared to 63 in April 2021 and 74 in April 2019.

•     The average space used per person was lower than 2019. The average space used in April 2022 was 3,185 square feet. Meetings in April 2021 and April 2019 averaged 2,640 square feet and 2,322 square feet, respectively. In addition, in 2022, meeting space averaged 27 square feet per person as opposed to 42 square feet per person in 2021 and 31 square feet per person in 2019. 

•     The top five growth markets in April 2022 compared to March 2022 were Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs and Kansas City.

•     Corporate meetings continue to be the dominant meetings and events business segment, representing 63% of meeting and event business. Technology, health care, and training/education took the lead as the largest industry groups. 

For more forward-thinking information, check out Knowland’s U.S. Meetings Recovery Forecast.

If the early registration numbers for IPW, the annual international trade show of the U.S. Travel Association, are an indication, global hospitality professionals are ready to return to the United States. By the end of March, more than two months ahead of the June 4-8 gathering in Orlando, Florida, registrations by international buyers and media had nearly doubled last year’s delegate count.


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